Welcome to ND Focus
Elia’s networking days for Executives 

Welcome to ND Focus
Elia’s networking days for Executives

21-22 April 2016 / Mallorca, Spain

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ND Focus – Elia’s networking days for Executives brings industry decision-makers together and offers a unique structured format to foster thought-provoking discussion built around an agenda. 
  • Participation is exclusive to a select number enabling direct exchange of experience and insights

  • Focused content is targeted to a specific audience and relevant to participants

  • Structured group sessions have a clear scope to explore industry challenges

  • Established industry leaders moderate and contribute to uncover best practice and find solutions

  • Participants share their experience and become part of the conference

  • With direct peer-to-peer networking to develop and strengthen working relationships

Thank you to everybody who joined us in Mallorca 21-22 April 2016
We hope to see you May 2017 for our second edition in Greece!

Who should attend?

This event was created for senior LSP Executives doing business in Europe and beyond who are committed to creating a stronger future for their company, including:

Owners of LSPs of any size

General Managers and Managing Directors

Senior-level decision-makers such as

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Senior Vice President

The benefits of attending

For you

  • Build and refine your leadership skills
  • Become part of an exclusive group of industry leaders
  • Gain actionable insights and reflect on the latest industry thinking and trends
  • Network with the best industry minds and peers
  • Drive the discussions shaping the future of the language industry

For your company

  • Make your organisation more competitive for the future
  • Gain new ideas and discover new strategic concepts and imperatives
  • Understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Increase your company’s strength by leading through best practice
  • Develop existing partnerships and create new ones

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Why CEOs and LSP owners are coming to Mallorca


“Hearing from other LSP CEOs is among my main goals and expectations. In my opinion, it’s mostly the other participants that make or break the content. If the participants share generously, talk frankly about their businesses, have pertinent comments, honest sharing of problems and how they overcame them, that is most valuable. I am interested in best practices: does everyone have a CFO? Finance planning, business planning, what are others doing?”

Tea Dietterich, CEO, 2M Language Services


“One of the main goals for me is to find out from the other execs what’s the best way to develop your business globally. I am at a point where I grew from 0 to the biggest translation company in Romania and the natural step is to develop the business in another country. I made the first step by opening an office in Frankfurt but I’m still feeling I don’t know enough how I could bring the business in Germany to the same level as in Romania.”

Florin Grunberg, CEO, Swiss Solutions


“We are still a very small company though will be establishing a Japanese branch in late 2016. We are interested in buying a small company, so stories of how other people bought companies or were bought up will be great. I am also interested in how to get local investors’/buyers’ attention and approaching such people, challenges when expanding internationally, what to do and what NOT to do when you buy or merge companies.”

Kaori Myatt, Owner, Word Connection

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